Mayan Temazcal

The temazcal was traditionally used by the Mayan culture to purify the body, mind, and spirit to reach a deep connection with Mother Earth. They would enter the temazcal for days at a time in search of the answers within themselves, exiting the ritual as a newly profound being.  Laboring women also enter the temazcal to birth their babies using the heat, aromatherapy, and chantings as a guide in bringing a new life into the world.  In general, the temazcal was viewed by the Mayans as the womb of Mother Earth.

Today we offer a sample of this traditional ceremony to visitors from all over the world.  We begin with a purifiying ritual of burning Copal, a sacred Mayan tree resin to cleanse and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.  A freshly made herbal tea is used to splash over heated volcanic rocks to produce a fragrant steam which begins to relax and detoxify the body.  Four guided meditations are used inside the temazcal each focusing on a different cardinal point.  These meditations will be accompanied by chanting and ancient music.  Between each the door to the temazcal is opened to allow in fresh air and new energy of the next cardinal point.  Once outside the temazcal refreshing cenote water is used to cool and hydrate the body.

The temazcal experience is unique to each participant.  It is said to release emotions, creativity, toxins, and more.  Step inside for yourself and find out what you will discover through this ancient Mayan tradition.

Our Temazcal ceremony is about two and a half hours of total release of toxins, physical, emotional and spiritually. You will be within the actual temazcal (clay steam dome) for approximately an hour and 12 minutes.

$85usd per person; Private & Group Temazcal also available (please inquire for pricing)

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