Mexican Mud Meditation


Begin on the beach with a large jar of Mayan Mud mixed with honey and sea water.  Applying this detoxifying mixture to your body, face, and hair is said to be the fountain of youth!  Get your neighbor’s back and help them style their new hair do then settle into a more inward reflection as we guide you through an affirmation meditation in front of the sea.  A rinse in the Caribbean washes away anything that is no longer serving you.  Notice the immediate effects this natural remedy has on your skin.  A fun group activity and an amazing experience!

Take it to another level and dig nesting holes in the sand like the hatching sea turtles.  Cover yourself in powdery Tulum sand, be one with the pulse of the earth, and break free to run to the sea and renew your spirit.  A unique experiencethat is loved by all!

Group rates for meditation $45usd per person;  Nesting Mud experience $65usd per person.

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